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For a better experience, please use Cinema 4D R26 or higher version

Extension plugin supports new node materials based on the official plugin and add support of VRay and Corona materials.

Main features

  • Native support for new node materials of Arnold and Redshift, no conversion required.

  • Supports Vray node materials and normal layer materials, you can change the loading method in the settings.

  • Support Corona material.

  • Automatically open material node panel after loading material by default, you can close it in settings.

  • It does not coexist with the official MS_Link plugin and is not loaded if the official plugin is installed.

  • Ctrl + E to open the preference folder, and the MSLiveLink folder is the official plugin folder.

Detailed information


  1. If this is the first installation, you need to download the official plugin in Bridge software and install it.

  2. Delete the official plugin and download this plugin.

  3. Enjoy it!

    The official plug-in is installed first to ensure that the Bridge software export process starts correctly.

Video tutorial

Future plan

  • Add Decals to Corona, then we can import decals as Corona Decals Object.

Change Log

  • 1.0.0

    • Initial version release