Easy Toggler


For a better experience, please use Cinema 4D R26 or higher versions

Quickly toggle the show/hide, enable/disable state of an object.

Main features

  • The built-in Trigger Parent Generator function in Cinema 4D is very convenient, but it only works for SDS (subdivision surfaces). Easy Toggler will remove this shortcut key Q and assign it to itself, making Q effective for all objects with generator flag.

  • Not only that! Q can also disable the activation of commonly used tags, such as dynamics tags and so on.

  • Alt + Q : Switching the view/rendering visibility of objects and switching the prefix HIDE_ for easy recognition, the camera does not change its name.

    Alt + Q : Hide camera will not change the camera name.

Video tutorial

  • No tutorial yet

Future plan

  • None

Change Log

  • 1.0.0

    • Initial version release