Boghma Plugins Manager

An all-in-one plugin hub integrated into Cinema 4D.

Available for Windows
Boghma Plugins Manager for Cinema 4D

Unlock Your Creativity, Discover the Power of Plugins

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Cinema 4D

Integrated Experience

Seamlessly operates within the Cinema 4D environment, offering you a familiar and comfortable experience.

Effortless Plugin Management

Have the privileges to effortlessly download and update a plethora of plugins from Boghma and other developers. Eliminates the time and effort spent in searching for download links or updated versions of plugins, thereby maximizing your creative potential and enhancing your enjoyment in the creation process.

Developer Friendly

Boghma Cloud provides a plugin management platform, where developers can easily upload and update plugins through the backend management system and automatically distribute them to users.


Empowering Developers

We provides a stage for developers. We boost your visibility via Boghma, highlighting your valuable work!

Meet the Creators

Explore plugins handcrafted by our talented developers

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